Did You Miss It? July's PitP

Some things in life come unexpectedly. Take this grasshopper for example. We found this visitor peacefully perched on the picnic table.

The produce this month also brought some new edibles and flowers to the table. 

Last, but not least, who can forget Ms. Karen's favorite thing to do with her produce. Thanks Karen for always inspiring us to unleash our creativity.


Did You MIss It? June's PitP

 The shining star (or shall I say green) at this month's PitP was Ms. Karen's collard greens. 

Just look at the size of that thing!

Ms. Yolanda shared a cactus plant that was comparable to the size of the collard green stalk.

Of course, who could forget the goodies? Ms. Heidi brought some delicious mangos and candy.

I brought some homemade pumpkin mochi with sweet red bean filling.

Have a wonderful rest of June and we will see you next month!


Did You Miss It? May's PitP

We had two very special guest show up at May's PitP.

Our first guest was Sweet Pea. Her owner was taking her for a stroll at Library Park when a crowd of us caught sight of her. 

Nancy showed Sweet Pea some PitP lovin' by feeding her some garden fresh lettuce from the produce we got this month at the table.

Our second guest was no other than PitP founder Heather and her lovely daughter, who is naturally a PitP advocate.

We also saw signs of spring and rejuvenation!

Thanks to all who joined us this month! Can't wait to see what surprises and produce we'll have at the next PitP!


Did You Miss It? April's PitP


How have you been? I surely hope all is wonderful and on your end.

Since I was at another event during April's PitP, my lovely mother took over the hosting duties for me and our lovely friend Heidi did a recap of the event for us below! Thanks ladies! This is why I adore PitP!

The Sunchokes and green onions are courtesy of spouses Barbie and Greg.

They also brought a kind of mustard green, which looks like a lettuce but with a little bitter taste and strong spicy flavor.

Yolanda brought a variety of cut cactus.   

I brought some juicy Tangelos.

Your mom brought a boiled/picked bok choy and green onions.

 Sandy brought hot water and some sort of protein mix for a wholesome drinkThere were also mandarin oranges.   

Thanks again Heidi for the well-rounded recap! Don't forget that our next PitP will be this next Saturday, May 3, from 9-11 AM! Hope to see all of you there!


Upcoming Community Events

 Hi Friends! 

Thinking about what to do on weekends? Here are some upcoming events!

Monrovia Community Garden
Community Meeting on Saturday, March 22 at Noon
St Luke's on Foothill has generously offered use of their land for possible development as a Community Garden for Monrovia. This would be maintained by the local community and the vegetables and fruits grown there could be used in a variety of ways including health education and distribution to those in need. 

This is very much in the initial planning stages and we would love to have interested members of the community offer input and act as stewards of this project so that it conforms to the needs and aesthetics of Monrovia. This will be our garden and it should express our neighborhood values and character. 

There will be a Community meeting this coming Saturday 3/22 at noon in the parish hall of St Luke the Physician's (122 S. California, on the corner of California and Foothill) for anyone interested in more information or offering input. Refreshments will be provided, though feel free to bring the fruits of your own garden to share. And please feel free to stop by, we'd love to hear from you! 

-Paul Lazear from East Colorado

Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles 2nd Annual Health Fair
Free Health Screenings on Saturday, April 5 from 9 AM -1 PM 


Did You Miss it? March's PitP

You know Life, sometimes, I think you like to make my life miserable. Take my sciatic nerve injury, for example. It's been 4 months since I've had this lingering pain and 1.5 months since I've stopped running. Being an avid runner, this has been one of the most difficult times. But I get it; I was off-balanced.

A similar strike of bad luck hit last month when it was my turn to host PitP. The rain came off and on that morning. I debated showing up at Library Park. The deciding factor was trying to get rid of the abundance of bread I baked.

I'm glad I showed up because people actually came! One PitP member came with hot chocolate and some peppers from her yard while another came with two pots of plants.

The sporadic rain suddenly didn't seem so bad as we stood there chatting away with umbrellas in one hand and food in the other. 

I guess Life is all about balance. It cues us when we need to realign ourselves. It doesn't give the good without the bad.

Life is good.


Did You Miss It? February's PitP

Ideas are great. Putting them into action is even better.

Idea #1: 

I've been wanting to create a page on this blog that archives our monthly meet ups. It's  been two years. I've finally made it happen. The "Did You Miss It?" tab at the top of this page now holds a record of all the past meet ups shown on this blog. Feel free to check it out!

Idea #2:

While archiving the monthly meet ups, I noticed that this blog has quite a number of recipes.  I decided to not wait another two years to implement this idea. Foodies out there: you're welcome. Hit the "Recipes" tab at the top of this page to see what our PitP members have concocted over the years. New recipes are always welcome! Just email us with the recipe and a photo!

Now, on to a recap of February's Pitp!

Sandy's French Vanilla Chai Tea
Normal-looking Lemon

Funky-looking Lemon

Members' Favorite