REMINDER: September's PitP, Saturday 9/6

I not only love nature but I'm drawn to figs. I found this fig tree growing out of a stop sign during one of my walks! 

Have you discovered anything amazing in nature lately or in the past? Send us an email or better yet, join us at our monthly meet up this Saturday!

September 6
9 AM - 11 AM
Library Park (corner of Lime & Myrtle)

See you there!


Did You Miss It? August's PitP

At this month's PitP, we celebrated colors and produce. We had such a nice variety of produce and plants on the table that they could almost form the colors of the rainbow!

Thank you to all who put such thought in the way the presented their produce. We had beautiful basket arrangements that were practically screaming for a photo shoot by the time I arrived.

It was also great to see some new faces...and fashionistas. Please come back to visit us next month and bring some more friends!


Did You Miss It? July's PitP

Some things in life come unexpectedly. Take this grasshopper for example. We found this visitor peacefully perched on the picnic table.

The produce this month also brought some new edibles and flowers to the table. 

Last, but not least, who can forget Ms. Karen's favorite thing to do with her produce. Thanks Karen for always inspiring us to unleash our creativity.


Did You MIss It? June's PitP

 The shining star (or shall I say green) at this month's PitP was Ms. Karen's collard greens. 

Just look at the size of that thing!

Ms. Yolanda shared a cactus plant that was comparable to the size of the collard green stalk.

Of course, who could forget the goodies? Ms. Heidi brought some delicious mangos and candy.

I brought some homemade pumpkin mochi with sweet red bean filling.

Have a wonderful rest of June and we will see you next month!


Did You Miss It? May's PitP

We had two very special guest show up at May's PitP.

Our first guest was Sweet Pea. Her owner was taking her for a stroll at Library Park when a crowd of us caught sight of her. 

Nancy showed Sweet Pea some PitP lovin' by feeding her some garden fresh lettuce from the produce we got this month at the table.

Our second guest was no other than PitP founder Heather and her lovely daughter, who is naturally a PitP advocate.

We also saw signs of spring and rejuvenation!

Thanks to all who joined us this month! Can't wait to see what surprises and produce we'll have at the next PitP!